Hi, I'm Xerz.

A baka neko who may someday post something!

Welcome! 💗

Hey there, thank you for arriving to my personal chunk of shared bytes! Excuse this current mess, I "quickly" glued this together as I wanted to have the most ideal setup ready with only a few hours left of my last day of summer... quite an adventure, albeit small, may I say! 😅

So yeah, it's true, I rushed this whole thing. I plan to properly polish this in the next few days — creating my own theme, adding categories and tags, making sure translations work, federating directly with ActivityPub, adding DAT support, so on! Because I want it to be a nice, welcoming little place that hosts some genuinely interesting content! Which kind of content? Well, if you know me (if you don't, nice to meet you! 😸), you'll know I'll be writing some stuff on programming, free software and decentralization as well as, well, whatever I feel like! As a reference, you may have seen my old Tumblr, or my now dead Wordpress or Blogger (F), or even that weird time when I had a ZeroBlog — yeah, I've been trying this blog thing for a while, haven't I? It has its ups and downs, but I've always loved the idea and I won't stop trying! ♪

I might dive into some deeper and more varied topics this time around, though. I may get into design, manga/anime, philosophy, politics... there's a lot of new waters to be tested! I hope you don't mind if I politely ask you to follow along and read whichever ramblings I prepare, I'm doing it with all of my love and effort. For real! ❤️

Oh well, I'm very tired and tomorrow is my first day back at uni. See you soon~